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Hello! My name is Scott Rockensock and I have the privilege of being the creative in charge at Rockensock Weddings. We are a full service creative team offering photography, filmmaking, and styling.  I first started in the wedding industry as a photographer and the more experience I gained I found a love for storytelling through filmmaking. My 7 years of experience in the wedding industry has taught me many things but the most important take away has been to make every moment count. 

At Rockensock Weddings, you have a full service creative team in your hands. Our styling service give you the confidence to plan a day that is completely you. We know what everyone else's wedding is like which gives our clients the unique opportunity to make a statement that is like none other. Our styling service covers all the visual elements of your wedding.  Our design focus is a joint effort with the couple to make their guests feel honored and loved by the design choices. 

Rockensock Weddings

We're Scott and Jana

just a small town fella who fell for a dashing city girl

Hello friends, my name is Scott and this is my wife Jana. We just had our 9th wedding anniversary. I am a creative always looking to have an adventure. I love taking the chance to do something new. I love rich color and moody tones. Life is better when you live life in color. What I mean is I want to live life to the fullest and I edit to get the most out of the colors. I never stray from getting that signature shot! 

I live in Greensboro, NC with my wife jana and our three going on four kids. Our quiver is just about full!! When i'm not plotting my next photo or design adventure I am playing with my kids and laughing with my wife. One of my favorite past times to do with my family is go for a drive and dream about what the future holds. 

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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The biggest day of your life marks the beginning of a crazy adventure.


Rockensock Weddings is a full creative service that helps you style your dream wedding and then captures photo and video moments for you to relieve your wedding day over and over again. Our goal is to guide you though the biggest and greatest times of your life and help send you into married life the best way we know how. 


We aim to give you more than you thought possible. After all, you deserve it.

Once your day has come to a close and we all wake to a new day and you will receive a handful of color corrected images from your big day for you to have. We think you would like to be able to post some of your professional images as all your friends are getting ready to blast social media with theirs.
While you are enjoying your first look we are hard at work producing the trailer for your wedding video simultaneously working hard to get your images perfected. Over the next 3-6 weeks we carefully put together your gallery of images. Our clients usually receive 400-600 color-correct images that have been thoughtfully curated for you to remember always. Your cinematic  wedding video will be another couple weeks to perfect. 
Along with your online gallery you will receive an app for your phone so you can have easy access to to share your unforgettable day.

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invest in the moment

You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

Inquire with us about our photo, video, and styling collections. Our base collection starts at $1800.

As your creative team I am with you every step of the way. I will guide you as you chose your wedding day design elements, pick out your outfits and location for your engagement session and so much more. 

So why invest in a creative team? Yes, its true you could keep looking and scroll past hundreds of photographers, let alone videographers and stylists. Having a creative professional to back you will give you confidence that you are making the right choices and your images and video will look the same with similar color tones. Weddings are expensive and having someone to bounce ideas with who does this every day is a great asset. Keeping your video and images looking the same will be visually stunning as you look back on your day years down the road. 

Our couples are adventurous and love to get lost with me. They want to go someplace new. They love to laugh, and make the best out of every moment. We only work with a handful of couples each year because we invest a lot of time with them. 

let's do this!

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